Love. ❤

Is it soo hard to fall in Love?
Yeah, months and years before I felt like I wasn’t mature enough for it. C’mon, Love is extraordinary! But something triggers me in. That might be such a beautiful feeling to be in love & to be loved!

But how much more is this wait?
How will I come to know about this?
What if I would already be talking and may be knowing that person and have no idea about love?

May be love is not what i think…
May be love is in some other place probably sleeping…
May be love is in some different time zone…
May be love is not ready for me…
May be I am not ready for love…
May be love is younger than me…
May be love stays, may be love can’t…
May be love shouldn’t!
May be love is teaching how to have patience to get the best…
May be love arrives when it is supposed to.

The question is, how much exactly one wait for this “may be” kinda love?

People come and go. Sometimes you can’t expect people to stay by your side and guide you in your life. There is only ME who can help ME.
Loving myself in all the way possible, might make the wait less to let Love fall into onto me.
May be I’ll get my answer of my “May be’s” that time when my inner self will feel something more than just lust.
One thing for sure, love is going to happen at the Right Time. Having patience might be hard but Worth!





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