This is how we express ourselves. ✨

Yes, this is how we express ourselves.
We express ourselves, the pain inside us, those unforgiving feelings…
by vigorously writing them down with ink onto paper that can only carry memories forever.
It is by writing our life events.
It is by writing lines with more meaning than a reader would ever feel.
Yes, sometimes writing down things brings more tears in our eyes than before.
The more pain goes into each word,
the more pain is sucked out of us.
We choose to express ourselves by writing our good notes and dark nights.
But we choose to do this because this is the only medication,
that can heal our pain and treasure memories.
Which in turn works better than any doctor’s prescription.
Goes unread many of our words because the crazy things we write doesn’t really happen?
There are around 7billion people across the globe and we believe that someone does exactly what we do, how we feel.
Certain it is that someone else has just stood in the shower as the boiling water ran down their body.
Cried about life because they don’t know what to do.
Yes, we use words to figure these feelings out when our mind starts battling with heart.
This is how we express us.
(Poets, writers)





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