The child in your heart – Kinjal Parekh

How often do you stand in front of the mirror criticising yourself? Saying you are ugly or aren’t good with studies?
How often did bad days force you to say you are worthless?
How often did you badly wished to hug someone tight but couldn’t?
Here a thing to realise now. If you can’t find anyone when you badly need them…stand for yourself. Nurture yourself. Hug yourself.

I want you to imagine a “10 year old you” version sitting right opposite to you.
Now I want you to tell this little kid that s/he is absolutely nothing, embarrassing, worthless, useless.
Are you doing it? Can you say such things? Can’t right?
Now, realise that this is exactly what you do to yourself. What do you really want to say this kid? That the are worth everything, right? That s/he is incredible and they should never let others tell them anything otherwise.
Now say this new stuff to yourself.

imageNow, you are the adult of your life and if you’re not comforting this child within you, then that is very sad indeed.
Replace the bad with good. Believe it.
Decide not to feel worthless anymore.
Hug yourself. It is real easy. All you got to do is…take your right hand and put it on your left shoulder and then your left hand from below your right hand to your right side. Hold yourself tight and hug yourself! Rest your head on your upper hand and smile. I bet a million you’ll feel peace within.


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