You. ✔

I know you are scared right now
may be you miss…
May be your heart hurts a little…
or a lot.
Or may be you are not quite sure
of who you are or
what you want.
That want back.
The one where it doesn’t seem like…
the whole world is against you.
This feeling. This is still here.
It never really left ..
And one day you’ll realise
that the only person…
who can find it again is ‘YOU’.


Picture by – Krupa Shah. (@krups071996 – insta)



Somewhere, I am still that seven year old,
holding a glow stick,
like a star twinkling,
there above shinning.

Somewhere bright lights
are good, somewhere
I’m thankful for being blessed
for not hurting myself from
lost love or capital letters.

Somewhere I am still a baby
who thinks only feelings, she can’t comprehend,
who cries wothout any language to compensate.

Somewhere, I screm
everytime something hurts
somewhere, things still hurts.

Somewhere I am still a seven year old, with a laugh like a baby when sees ‘maa’
Walking along the pavement sideways,
Growing up, not wanting to.
I don’t want to.
Somewhere, I will always be that seven year old…