Monday. ❤

I know most of us hate Monday cause we gotto start a whole new week with the same old things. I know it sucks, but then…may be someone might have had their first kiss today. Someone might have found out that are officially ‘Cancer Free’ today. Someone might have finally finished their debut novel today. Someone might be living one of their best moment today. Lots and lots of interesting things might be happening today! Lets smile for them. It costs nothing, infact adds on your beauty. ❤
It’s gonna be a beautiful day to you too. 💝


– Kinjal Parekh 👑


You can’t keep on feeling the way you do.

We all have hurt someone tremendously, whether by intension or accident.
We all love someone tremendously, whether by intent or accident.
It is an intrinsic trait and a deep responsibility, to be an organ or a blade.
But learning to forgive yourselves and others because we haven’t chosen it wisely is what makes us most human. We make horrible mistakes. That’s how we learn. We break love. That’s how we learn. And, it is inevitable.