Free bird. 💖

​In your escapes,
In your wanderings,
You’ll find a part of yourself..
which wasn’t really lost.

You just never knew you had one.
A part which chose to show itself..
only in the rarest of occasion.
That part, of a Free bird..
waiting to flap it’s wings,
And fly away from this world of torments.

– Kinjal Parekh. 👑❤


Glimpse of a bliss. ❤

Mesmerising your smile,
Mesmorising your touch,
Damn! Look what you’ve done…
Never thought of ‘us’ to be ‘one’.

Not needing a tag yet,
to be called ‘one’
But yeah, he said once…
“Clueless relationships are the best.”

May be time is at it’s pace
to build a bridge through our heart,
But, whatsoever…
I now know that I am blessed with a beautiful star.

Not so patient enough,
But, patient enough…
To know what life has on it’s card to unfold,
May be…
May be what heart wants?
May be some beautiful story…?
That may take a beautiful turn… ❤

-Kinjal Parekh. 👑❤