Breaking the shackles – Kinjal Parekh

How can we bring a better world around of forgiveness and love, if we cannot even forgive ourselves or hold grudges to those who have wronged us?
If God himself forgave us long back, who are we to hold onto guilt and hurts?
But then, is forgiving enough?
Shouldn’t we even break off the ‘invisible wall’ that we build in the process.
The walls may stop people to enter ‘your zone’ but it also restricts you to move out of ‘your zone’.
Tell me, how will you experience the shift, the change, the magic and the miracle if you do not let yourself move out of your zone?
Every being is made up of Love. There is no point holding on to grudges.

Tell me, will you be fine to go to that very person’s funeral who wronged you along with those grudges in your heart? You could lie to me, but not to your inner self. Do justice to that inner self.
There is always some good in bad and some bad in good. Accept it and choose to react with Love. The purest and the greatest feeling.

You never know what good you might be missing by carrying the weight of being deceived inside you.
Break that wall and see yourself exploding with a white light of love to all beings around you and inside you. Take a moment and feel how light and healed you feel when you consciously let the wall break and shine with Love

Don’t let someone else’s mistake be the reason you abandon the one who are genuine. Don’t let your guilt/regret be the reason for you not taking new chances. Don’t let the person who wronged you be the reason that ‘your wall’ stops the right one out which in turn could be wrong on your part.
Don’t make the wall tradition stay. Throw your heart above the bar and watch your body flow.
Stop blocking people from entering your life. There is a difference in building a wall and being careful. Be careful but don’t be carried away.
Chance is just a small term to ask for. And love, Love is a real huge term, rather a feeling which we say it out casually. Feel that huge thing with a heart of a child in you and don’t let the adult in you block it.
Just let it go and the rest will follow. Trust me!
It is easy.

– Kinjal Parekh


    1. Thankyou 🙂 I’ll pray for you to find your peace soon! Try to forgive yourself and others too with all your heart and feel your soul glowing with infinite love as it does always, with every person! Good luck ☺💕

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        1. Trust me! If You are positive, have accepted your mistake and are convinced in your head that you have learned from the situation and won’t be even in your wildest dreams making the same mistake again; forgiving yourself is not difficult. I have been into circumstances and have gone through this.
          I would love if my blog makes a difference in someone’s life for good! That’s all I want!
          Letting go and practising Gratitude is the start of Revival. Your Universe will make it all good. You deserve peace and love 🙂 💕


  1. I agree. And holding grudges takes a lot of you, not just anger but your peace of mind. But it’s really hard to be the forgiving kind you know? Like sometimes its really hard to be the bigger person even though you know its you who’ll benefit after giving the forgiveness

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