Self Talk – Kinjal Parekh

Hello people!

I have a question for you today. How often do you talk with yourself? All alone?

I am sure we all do have a talk to ourselves, but most of the time, our talk is limited to self-pity and complaining about stuffs we do not posses.
But I am not asking this in that context.
My question is, how often do you actually have a conversation with your own inner self to seek few answers which you have no clue if anyone could even understand?

For me, I imagine my 10 year old self, in her two small pony tails, her weird smile sitting in front of me, and have a talk. Crazy, isn’t it? It’s the best thing!
And the question I ask ‘That Girl’ is always answered, by that 10 year old girl!

The question which follows is, how do you realize or hear what she answers or advise me? How will you come to know? HOW!?
The idea for me which always works is, the first thought, the first explanation that strikes my mind is the answer which I am always seeking for.

The best part is, the answer almost always makes sense and even if  it doesn’t sometimes, it at least calms my fears and thoughts that I goof up in my mind with.
That answer never strikes me when I keep over-thinking or complain about situations to myself. It happens when I genuinely ask that 10 year old self for an answer, for a guidance. And she always gives me with her 10 year old smile and shining eyes.

Sometimes, the answers aren’t clear. Sometimes, I don’t even get an answer. I only see that girl smiling at me. Creepy. I let the question go with a belief that it isn’t the time for the answer to be revealed to me as of that moment.

This is my way of seeking the key to my mysterious questions. What’s yours?

Try to question your 10 year old self. The one who was not afraid of the truths. Who was not afraid to learn about the truths.
Listen to the first thought that strikes your head and trust that thought and keep going. If for no one else, then, at least for that that 10 year old-self?

You are not alone and you are worth all the happiness. There is abundance. Hug yourself and smile often.
Be your own hero. Your own rescuer.
It is never the end until you stop asking questions and stop seeking for the answers.

So the next time you find yourself caught up in a storm and can’t find a way out, let go complaining and cursing your luck or destiny, but, start asking for a way out to yourself. You know your feelings, emotions and goals better than any other person.

– Kinjal Parekh


  1. I talk to my inner self almost every damn time. Mostly thou, I notice it when I have nothing to do, when I’m daydreaming. I picture my inner self as the dark side of myself. Who has the characteristic of a demon. But not entirely evil. We talk about anything as long our conversation is deep enough to dive in. Shallow, or in this case, small talk never worth it.

    Whenever I feel weak, doubtful and my confidence dropped, I let this demon take over me. Take over the other version of me. The one who is so merciful and pity about anything. I let that demon kill him. Craving the darkness in my heart.

    Self talk is what I always do. Every time. Especially in boring classes.

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    1. Wowh! This is really deep! Thankyou so much for sharing.
      Letting the demon destroy the negations or weakness that hold us back, quite impressive. This definately might be helpful. An escape may be …


  2. Fantastic post. Within each of us a little girl or boy exists and waits eaglerly to be freed and express himself or herself. Speaking to the inner child is a great way to connect to what may have been once lost. Ray

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  3. Totally agree about the importance of understanding one’s inner self. I typically ask a question out loud and then wait for the answer, which always reveals itself in different ways (a text, a dream, a convo).

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    1. Wow. That happens with me too! Somehow, out of no where The Universe helps me to understand my next step. No doubt, it’s not a easy-come. There are struggles. But in the end, it is all worth it!
      Thankyou soo much for sharing your point!! ❤

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  4. I do that every now own then! Finding a best friend in me and my own inside jokes, makes me feel hilarious. A lot of things get answered and how to deal with a situation gets easier.
    Awesome post, Kinjal.

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  5. Thank you for your post. You are making a difference in the lives of your readers – don’t quit. My way of seeking personal answers is to ask the question, to live with the question (which is not always easy) and wait until I know. I know by a deep sense of peace that comes over me. When I feel this sense of peace, the way is clear, not always easy, but clear. Ray

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  6. Nice. Thats why God made mom as the best friend to their daughters so that they can freely speak out their clarifications with their senior self who would help mould kids of ur age. All the best for your writing.

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  7. I talk with myself almost all the time, seeking for answers, debating what’s best and what’s not. There is like a constant noise to my ears every day. I like this topic very much!😊

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