We don’t realise it yet. But we sure damn need to.
We see the signs right in front of our eyes but now we are conditioned to blame everything on government.

They are responsible but so are we, equally, responsible.

The change has horrified me and the fact that I don’t even know how to swin horifies me more that I might die out by drowning when and if the water takes over.

I am glad that people have atleast started to take steps but the ratio is not even near to what we need to bring back the balance.

Trust me, the climate change is so freaking horrible and scary and sure dead real in case you are still wondering.

This post is a sign of the time to and for the entire freaking world.

The artwork is not mine but it sure dead shall live longer than you do. I’ve started with this project and am looking forward to get it done right. Here is the page to keep up woth the updates – click here.

– Kinjal Parekh


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