Book Blogging – Kinjal Parekh (in the world of books)

These books, they save me.

Hi, I’m Kinjal Parekh from Mumbai, India and I love to read books.

I have decided to merge two of blogs as one and continue with my blogging for good. When I started with my book blog, I did not realise that my passion to read will take me up this far that I would end up diversifying my reading picks, discover new authors, start with my YouTube channel and also end up as an idea-tor with Flipkart.

As of now (2019), other than book blogging, I am a Financial Content Writer at an Equity Company and a CFA Candidate. Understanding how the financial and the economical world works interests me and I highly promote saving and investment ideas and goals.

So here is where you will find everything related to books and otherwise! With this, I put an end to the other blogging page. I shall drop drop few links where we can connect –

Bookstagram (IG) –
Youtube –
GoodReads –
Twitter –
Facebook –

Feel free to contact me for collaborations.

E-Mail ID –

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