Girl Power : Indian Women Who Broke the Rules by Neha J Hiranandani – Book Review

Book – Girl Power : Indian Women Who Broke the Rules
Author – Neha J Hiranandani
Publisher – Scholastic India
No. of pages – 112

Illustrator – Niloufer Wadia

About the book –
Fifty awesome women. Fifty awe-inspiring stories. One defining moment. Scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, scholars, athletes and queens. Trace the journeys of these Indian women and their extraordinary lives.

Review –
The vibe which I felt when I first received this book was of power and happiness. And so is the book.

The book features stories of 50 women who have not let the society or the outside noise stop them from being who they wanted to be.

Every story radiated strong and pure emotions to me of happiness, confidence and courage. I felt proud for these ladies and did shed a tear for the pain they had to go through.

Please get this book for your little one’s. Talk about gender equality and justice. Talk about helping and respecting one another no matter what race/caste/gender they are. Talk about how it is NOT okay to bully someone else.

The illustrations are brilliant and the book overall is very pleasing and attractive which adds on to the readers pleasure. Recommended to children and grown ups too because at times we too need to step back to learn and appreciate our kinds.

You can buy the book from here.


About the author –
Neha J Hiranandani is a writer whose columns have appeared in The Indian Express, Huffington Post, NDTV and Vogue among others. She holds degrees in Literature and Education from Wellesley College and Harvard University.

– Kinjal Parekh

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