A girl who chose to express herself with the help of a pen and a paper by vigorously writing them down with ink onto paper because young people are not afraid to tell the truth. 💖



  1. hello kinjal,
    i’m kishan tank. first of all thank you so much for liking my post on my blog
    i’m also go through one of your post and i like it too. i invite you to join me on facebook because i’m going to create one of the group of writers where everyone can share their ideas.
    you can find me on fb by my name “kishan j. tank” or email id written on my blog in “need help” page. hope you come and join us. thank you so much once again.

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    1. Thankyou so much 🙂 I ain’t on Facebook yet..though may be I’ll join soon. Can we connect on whatsapp by then or insta? I would love to be a part of such groups.


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