Welcome to the Society.

Newest addition to the family.

The society rejoiced.
“She looks like her mother. She’ll be a teacher.”
“Oh no. Look at her. Such a bright and a smart face. She’ll be a doctor.”
“How about engineering?”
“Oh no. That’s not for girls”

“Oh stop! My daughter will be an independent woman and I’ll make sure no one, not even the society cuts off her wings. These wings are meant to fly.”

Dear girls living in the 21st century,
Welcome to the society,
You are going to learn a lot here,
Especially how to be tolerant of things when
we ask for your opinions,
But never have any intentions to consider one.
Here’s a guide for you,
So that you make it up to the society.

I hope you enjoy your stay,
And please feel free to be yourself,
But make sure it’s in the right way.

Make sure you love your body,
Fat, thin, short or tall,
Fuck it all, it’s all yours.
But make sure that
It’s not too much or we’ll tear you down.
We’ll bully you for even if you just smile 24/7.
Doesn’t matter which body type,
Since we are always ready to bring you down.
And then we’ll wonder why did you frown.
Is it something that you did off your limits?

And also, make sure you sit properly,
Even if you are bleeding.
With one leg on another,
Or just put them close together.
Don’t drink or smoke or wear short clothes,
We won’t judge you,
After all, boys and girls are equal, right,
But you never know cause the ‘society’ is unpredictable.

At times,
When you will feel everything will be perfect,
We’ll tell you that you’re worthless,
That you shouldn’t make a sound.
But don’t get us wrong.
We are just preparing you,
Just in case you face the worse.

You can fall in love with anyone.
Be it the same sex or the opposite one.
Be it the one 5 years younger than you,
Or be it the one 5 years elder than you.
As long as it’s who we choose,
And we’ll obviously let you have your opinions,
But please shape them to our views.

Welcome to society,
We promise that we won’t deceive,
And one more rule now that you are here,
There’s no way that you can leave.
And please,
Don’t think that we love boys more than you
You both are obviously equal
But it’s necessary to be in your limits.
The End.

Humans, it’s high time now that we get our minds clear on the topic of feminism. Feminism/Feminist doesn’t mean men hating but it has a very simple meaning.
It means giving women equal rights, every opportunity, equal pay for the same job that men do. It means women not being judged or set back for all those things men are not.
Is that so hard? Or are men too afraid of women being given equal respect?
This doesn’t end here. I know there are many men out there struggling with their lives, some mental illness may be. Perhaps some nervous breakdown and are too afraid to speak up as according to the society “Men don’t cry”
My friend, that is just a bullshit remark to make. Men, cry your hearts out. I know there are people who would judge you just like they judge women. But I also know that there are people who will genuinely understand what you are going through.
This is feminism. Being equal.

Books might say that men and women are meant to be different. But none said that any of them deserve less respect than the other one.

I am not afraid to be called a Feminist. I’ll stand equally for women and men. Are you the one?

– Kinjal Parekh ❤


Lucid Waves 💙

The room is lost within me tonight,
Darkness might replace for the fight by the night,
A spirit is souring through the sky,
But my tunes will hypnotize the entire sky.
Grief, envy and lust;
Eating up my entire crust…
I look past the pain
Fighting to come back in my old-frame
But goes all in vain.
The night light casts it’s way
No light offered to my grave,
Yet again,
I get back to the melody
To make the spirit dance
In my lucid waves.

– KinjalParekh ❤

Oceans – YouTube.

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Moved by this poem of your’s!
Read this, everybody!!

three thousand worlds

Ignorant to the sunrise and the flower’s bloom,
As the world around you sinks in gloom,
You tremble before you enter hell’s gates,
Camouflaged in white painted walls;
where mockery & hatred plagued the tainted halls.
Surviving school is tough when you aren’t cool,
get pushed & thrown around like a fool.

Your self-esteem is crushed, confidence destroyed,
You cried and cried while the people enjoyed,
Tried to fight back but you were too weak,
Battered and scared, all hope is bleak.

Shunned out, running about,
how do you find someone to confide in,
when you can’t even find a corner to hide in?
Hide your tears but in vain,
consider throwing yourself in front of a train.

Years later, school’s over,
but in your mind you’re still a loser.
The battle is far from over, infact it just started,
this time, not with the bullies, but yourself.
You’ve become…

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N I N E T E E N. ❤

Rajkot, Gujrat.
A colorful city,
Where every soul lives in harmony.
Back to daddy’s home town,
Where people’s life was no wonder
on the rush mode.

A month old,
Too little to understand a word or speak,
Her daddy says,
She used to cry everytime
If they failed to make her twirl.

2 years passed,
A baby brother was born.
No doubt he was cuter than her
And there is no one else to blame either.

3 years old,
Her first day in KinderGarden,
Her mommy said,
Her pony was like a fountain.
Been in the same school till her 10th grade,
No wonder,
Every grade has a tale,
That will always stay,
A trace of her will always be there.

Somewhere at the age of 7,
her brother was now 5,
He was learning to ride a 4 wheeled bicycle,
While she blew away in her 2 wheel bicycle,
All by herself, with pride.

She is 9 now.
She couldn’t understand the concept of one life,
Learning what the teacher says,
Unaware of the blame games.

12 year old.
She is stumbling in her pursue of grace,
Hunting patience, with avengeance.
She stands out looking up smiling
She thought God was taking her photographs.

15 year old,
Where she understands now,
What she know is true,
But might be incomplete.
When she stays inside, writing,
All she could think was about
How she should be outside, living.

She turned 16 next year,
Her college has already begun.
Fighting new odds and few demons,
But having a poetry,
To always fuel her silence.

Helping someone heal,
Helping someone fall in love,
And believing in all her dreams
To reach the peak.

17 years old,
She gave her most of the time
Wandering if she could be somewhere else,
So this is when she learned to frame the word –
With the first thing in her breath, every morning;
And last breath, each night;
So when her very last breath comes,
Atleast, she’ll know she was greatful for…
For all the places she was so sure she was not supposed to be,
All the places she made it to,
All the hurts she held,
All the words she wrote.

She is finally 18 now.
Yet the same old tiny girl,
Who people still confuses with 8 year old.
She kissed a bliss this year.
And learned new things.
Striving to be successful,
Spreading smiles became her routine.
Kissed away the pain, thanking it to stop by,
For few things are always worth to have by.

Today. She is 19.
But again, people will still be confused with her to be the nine year old.

Camera snapping,
Eyelids flapping,
Darkest dark,
And the brightest bright.

She still refrains to act her age,
Because the child in her
Is the best part what people craves.

Having big dreams in her small eyes,
Talking with stars and the moon
And still searching for nothing
In the wide void room.

She might be reciting some old poetry rn,
Because it tells her,
Where she was exactly at that moment
And the place she tried to navigate.


– KinjalParekh. ❤👑

It isn’t really The End. ❤

It is not the ending that will haunt you,
But, the space where it may lie.
The things that simply faded without one final wave of goodbye.
Forgetting things you were sure you knew.
Or the books with torn out pages.
Or a question with no answer.
Forever in the corners
of our consciousness, they sit.
But, may be,
What if,
Those spaces are bliss for the moments.
May be those unsaid goodbyes are the proof that
It isn’t really the end.
May be, forgetting is the proof that
the room of faith, hope and magic is powerful enough to let a miracle happen.
May be the torn pages were just pages of the wrong books.
Cause darling,
You make Your World and We all are eventually One.
Happiness, love, gratitude are forever
and hard times just a temporary discomforts.
May be,
The un-answered question is the actual answer, that,
It isn’t really the end. 💕☄

– Kinjal Parekh.❤👑

A ray of Hope. 💌

Lying on the bed like an object,
An object but yet alive.
Alive but lost.
Lost yet having hopes.
Hopes… but full of fear.
Fear to not get what belongs to me.
“Belongs to me?”
Definately 🙂
Sometimes, rather all the time, you need to listen to your heart…your inner voice. And that’s all I promise to do henceforth.

– Kinjal Parekh. 👑❤

Free bird. 💖

​In your escapes,
In your wanderings,
You’ll find a part of yourself..
which wasn’t really lost.

You just never knew you had one.
A part which chose to show itself..
only in the rarest of occasion.
That part, of a Free bird..
waiting to flap it’s wings,
And fly away from this world of torments.

– Kinjal Parekh. 👑❤

Uddne do. (Let her fly.) 🌟

(​Note : This poem is on feminism and is in ‘Hindi’.)


Jiss ghar me hoti rehi be-izzati usski,
na jane kyu phir bhi vo vahi rahi.
Kya hoga iss chidiya ka me sochu,
jo pankh lagne ke pehle hi
apne pinjre se hakaal di gai.

Haan vohi chidiya jo parai hui nahi thi,
par parai kar di gai.
Socha bohut iss baar ussne bhi,
key, kar le samjhauta roshni se,
ke tuut jae vo kahi..saweree se.
Lekin insaan thi vo bhi fitraat  se,
samjhauta kar liya ussne phir,
par iss baar
khud se nahi…
Haatalo se.

-Kinjal Parekh. 👑❤

This is how we express ourselves. ✨

Yes, this is how we express ourselves.
We express ourselves, the pain inside us, those unforgiving feelings…
by vigorously writing them down with ink onto paper that can only carry memories forever.
It is by writing our life events.
It is by writing lines with more meaning than a reader would ever feel.
Yes, sometimes writing down things brings more tears in our eyes than before.
The more pain goes into each word,
the more pain is sucked out of us.
We choose to express ourselves by writing our good notes and dark nights.
But we choose to do this because this is the only medication,
that can heal our pain and treasure memories.
Which in turn works better than any doctor’s prescription.
Goes unread many of our words because the crazy things we write doesn’t really happen?
There are around 7billion people across the globe and we believe that someone does exactly what we do, how we feel.
Certain it is that someone else has just stood in the shower as the boiling water ran down their body.
Cried about life because they don’t know what to do.
Yes, we use words to figure these feelings out when our mind starts battling with heart.
This is how we express us.
(Poets, writers)




If ever a person who draws,
let you look over their shoulder…

If the poet,
smiles and shows you her words…

If a person who sings for the shower,
humm’s a song only in front of you…

Know that you are no longer a person,
but the air
and the dust
that fills their lungs.

When the world perishes,
and all things cease to exist,
You’ll still be alive inside a paint brush,
an ink stain,
and a song…



The Final Farewell. 💐


That shutter,
When we said Hello!

That flutter,
When I saw your face Again.

That fluster,
When I decided not to Care.

That mutter,
When I made an excise to Leave.

That smother,
When my shattered heart Remembers.

That shudder,
When I know it’s time to recognize it’s Over.

That shudder,
When I know your heart is now meant for Another.