A Sightless Love.

“The first time I met my love, I was stunned by the beauty she possesed. It was like my entire world was at a stake. I can never be enough thankful for that day of my life. Well, this is odd, but how was the day when you first met your love?” Asked the man with sights.

The sightless man smiled at his innocence, saying,
“The day I first saw her, I still remember how there was darkness inside my eyes just like all the times before.
But, something colourful I felt in my heart when that very first time I took her scent inside me.
That day, it was a wrap. My heart was fluttering when we shook our hands and introduced ourselves. My brain was caught up in a strom and saved by her in grace.
My heart was enough to save her blissfulness inside my soul.
I still crave to see my love. I still crave to see my family. But I am thankful for having able to see her by my soul’s eye.”


– KinjalParekh ❤👑


*wonderings* 💝

“You never talk about your regrets. Don’t you have any?” he questioned having a confusing look.

“I guess, but I don’t like to call them regrets. I refer them as ‘Wonderings‘.” she answered his confused mind.

“Wonderings?” asked with a bewildered  look on his face.

“Because I always wonder what would have happened if things had played out differently. But to name my past decisions ‘mistakes’ or ‘regrets’ seems foolish.
If I choose something, it might have been the right choice at that time. We never purposely make mistakes, we only call them in hindsight.” she answered him with a smile.

– Kinjal Parekh 👑