The Final Farewell. 💐


That shutter,
When we said Hello!

That flutter,
When I saw your face Again.

That fluster,
When I decided not to Care.

That mutter,
When I made an excise to Leave.

That smother,
When my shattered heart Remembers.

That shudder,
When I know it’s time to recognize it’s Over.

That shudder,
When I know your heart is now meant for Another.



The State of Harmony. ❤


Let people be allowed to be themselves. People honestly do not want to waste any time blasting their mind off on unnecessary things. I am at peace. I have made my peace with the past, with this moment and how things are.
The wave of okayness comes from realising that people are allowed to be themselves.
We usually get set off by other people whether it be by their actions, what they say, do, believe, what they project onto us. People aren’t perfect, nor are we. We may say things which may too deliberately hurt one another to save our ego esteem and we still find comfort in setting boundaries and wall.
But then, it’s OKAY!
We are here to experience these lessons. I am here to learn, to be sent over the edge at times, to sling back whatever has been thrown onto me. We know that we are a direct reflection of someone’s own denied & slammed traits of themselves that one can’t accept. This is so very important truth to be known!
Emotional freedom comes when you have started accepting what has been on, what is and whatever may be. Accept people as they are. Forgive & Forget in order to make peace with yourself. ✌

“2get and 2give makes us lose peace. Double it, 4get and 4give, and you will get peace.”


Dim Lights ✨


I have noticed that when all the lights are on, people tend to talk about what they are doing – Their outer lives. While sitting around in a candle light or firelight, people start talking about how they feel – Their inner lives. They speak subjectively, they argue less, there are long pauses. To sit alone without any electric light is curiously creative. Well, i have my best ideas, plans, surprises at the dawn or at nightfall with dim lights. But the moment lights are on throwing the “electric” brightness… I start thinking about my projects, exams, deadlines, demand, all those things that need to be done rather the background of thoughts.
How mysterious we humans are! We might be too much of “something” to someone and to other, we might not be enough. We all are a force of nature with extraordinary powers. Some might spend their whole life chasing someone while some might just close the doors and hide.
Let the best thing come to you. Let the best ideas spark your mind. Donot care what other will say and judge. There might always be people who are ready and waiting to judge every thing you do. But darling, remember that the value of an incredible painting is not decreased by those who cannot see it’s worth! image