Can you do me a favour?

To ‘who-so-ever‘ is reading this,

May be we don’t know each other. May be, we know.
But let me tell you, you are a very blissful soul and can definately do wonders. ❤
I trust your capability. Forgive people and keep moving towards your goal.
Sending infinite love and healing through this message.
StayBlessed 🙂
And, Can you do me a favour?
Please smile?
Perfect! Now, please do not let go that smile, it suits you! ❤

– KinjalParekh. ❤👑

(Instagram – kinjalparekh98)




Glimpse of a bliss. ❤

Mesmerising your smile,
Mesmorising your touch,
Damn! Look what you’ve done…
Never thought of ‘us’ to be ‘one’.

Not needing a tag yet,
to be called ‘one’
But yeah, he said once…
“Clueless relationships are the best.”

May be time is at it’s pace
to build a bridge through our heart,
But, whatsoever…
I now know that I am blessed with a beautiful star.

Not so patient enough,
But, patient enough…
To know what life has on it’s card to unfold,
May be…
May be what heart wants?
May be some beautiful story…?
That may take a beautiful turn… ❤

-Kinjal Parekh. 👑❤


If ever a person who draws,
let you look over their shoulder…

If the poet,
smiles and shows you her words…

If a person who sings for the shower,
humm’s a song only in front of you…

Know that you are no longer a person,
but the air
and the dust
that fills their lungs.

When the world perishes,
and all things cease to exist,
You’ll still be alive inside a paint brush,
an ink stain,
and a song…